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How to wash our asymmetric jumpers

One of the most asked questions we have had; how do you wash an asymmetric jumper?


The asymmetric jumpers are so soft and colourful, washing them properly is a must if you want to keep them in tip top condition. It's really very easy, but just make sure that you follow our three steps.

Before that here's a couple of things we need to be careful of;

First, the asymmetric jumpers are so soft, we don't want them to catch on anything or get snagged. Second the material is so delicate that we don't want to harm it with heat or over working. Finally, the colours are very strong and while they are pre-washed in, with darker colours we need to ensure no colour spill. With lighter colours we don't want the jumpers to be dyed by other garments.

With that in mind, here's how we recommend washing your jumper;

1. Always use a good detergent.

2. Pop the jumper inside out and place it in a pillow case or similar and only wash with similar colours.

3. Use a delicate wash cycle and no more that 30 degrees!

4. DO NOT tumble dry! Leave out to dry in a room where air circulates.


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